In the middle of Sighisoara Fortress, at the foot of the hill, next to the Covered Staircase, an impressive house welcomes the traveler to rest and to listen to its story:
Once upon a time, Fronius family (old German family), built one of the few houses which were to stand after the fire in 1676.

The water fountain in the middle of the court yard, which was a proof of wealth and well-being, become one of the old fortress' monuments. The Latin inscription dates back to the great fire and it is still readable on the front wall of the house. This inscription gives thanks to God for protection.

Fronius Residence has 7 rooms, each has an unique style in what the interior design is concerned. In some of them, the Gothic sealings  still remind you of the great fire.
All the furniture and accessories have been brought from different parts of Transilvania and they all represent the day and age of the construction of the house.