Located in the historic center of Piatra Neamt municipality, in the vicinity of the Musatin foundations, The Church Saint John and The Bell-Tower and other three museum institutions: The Art Museum, The Ethnography Museum and The Exhibition “Royal Court”, The Cucuteni eneolithic Art Museum was inaugurated in the year 2005 on June 24th, the Day of Piatra Neamt Municipality.

Is the first Cucuteni Museum from Romania, that offers to visitors a comprehensive picture of decorative and figurative art, belonging to the most important eneolithic culture from south – east of Europe.

The exhibition comprises three rooms structured on two levels and a warehouse-vault, accommodating a total of approximately 800 pieces from all phases and stages of development of the cultural complex Precucuteni-Cucuteni-Tripoli.

Most of the collection is housed in the museum vault. In the halls of the museum you can admire 300 exhibited pieces of the cultures Precucuteni – Cucuteni included in “Treasury” category of the national cultural heritage, true masterpieces of art, of monochrome painted pottery, duotones or trichrome, incised pottery, objects of art figurative – plastic, anthropomorphic, zoomorphic, ornitomorph or ovimorph, carved or polished bone tools, stone or flint, bone ornaments, bronze and gold.

The program of the museum is between the hours of 9.00 to 17.00 (October to March). Monday is closed.Visitation fee for students and military is 2 lei for adults, individually or in groups of 4 lei.

Photography or filming fee is 10 RON.