Nobody is obliged to be a genius, but we all like to make our contribution...
To what? Or how? Or when? Or with who?
We will let you decide that!

Set free your imagination! We can only tell you this...during the moments you miss the past, you crave to pamper your taste just the way grandma's magic recipes used to do, with fresh ingredients, brought straight from the producers pantries, you are welcome to visit us. On Fridays we pamper your ears with live music, accompanied by the best wine selection. On Sundays we teach the little ones what childhood means, by means of outdoor interactive games, when the weather allows us to, plays, cooking or architecture workshops. The rest of the days are just for you and your soul...We can start the day together from the early hours of the morning with a wonderful coffee or an energizing apple and spirulina fresh juice, which will keep you active during the entire day...and we can end the day in a sweet and original way, long after the sunset, with a raw vegan dessert.

According to the season, you will have your choice on what to enjoy. We use spicy, yet sweet ingredients. We have mixed a few drops of uniqueness, a spoon of ingenuity combined with skill, a ladle of personality. We have combined the useful with the pleasant and we have created wonderful covered terrace for the bistro. With goodies to place in a plate, lemonades, energetic fresh juices and evening with live music for thirsty souls.

The rest of ideas come along the way...All you need is appetite for life!