A plain observer would say that B52, the club on 11 Iunie Street, no 50, from Bucharest, is...just a club.

A 'connaisseur' knows that B52 is a state of mind...a state of mind with deep roots in B52 VamaVeche.
The B52 Club started as a bet made in 2002. In 2003, that bet became reality, in Vama Veche, under the name 'Suerte', a name which was changed after a month, in mid-July, with 'B52'.

The bet, which started everything, was that nobody could ever bring back to Vama Veche the spirit of Vama Veche. But B52 succeeded: it succeeded in gathering people who share the same feeling, who have a good time, have fun and relax together. Also, it managed to do one more thing: to bring a little piece of the spirit from Vama Veche to Bucharest.

In 2004, after we closed the shutters in Vama Veche, we piled up the beer cans, the bottles and the jellyfish, we shook off all the sand, the algae, the salty air, the hangovers...and we came to continue the story in Bucharest.

During the eight years that have gone by since the opening, B52 has passed through many beautiful experiences – we hosted a variety of concerts, events and even TV shows ('B52', in 2005 and 'Acustic', in 2006, both for the music channel TV Klumea) and we plan on continuing to promote the same wellbeing through new parties, concerts, events and...all sorts of drinks, from the menu or made up on the spot – shots, mojito pints, cocktails and long drinks made properly.

A mutual belief among those who have tasted the B52 experience is that the club and its regulars, animated by a music that goes to your head immediately and makes you take a spectacular journey through a series of music types, like reggae, hip-hop, rock or drum and bass, emit a positive state of mind, a relaxing and fun atmosphere. One of the most important things in B52 and the glue that sticks us together and makes you come back is the music.

We welcome you with parties that last until the morning, with spectacular drinks, with a mix of nostalgics, new-comers, curious people or regulars, who bring a specific charm to the place.

In conclusion: B52 is a place, a state of mind, a blend of memories or discoveries, among which you are certain to find that sweet-numb feeling of a sunset or maybe the feeling of energy that fills you when you jump for the first time in the waves.