„Rudolf Schweitzer-Cumpăna" Art Gallery functions in a building built in 1886 (Arch. Ion N. Socolescu), which until 1970 housed the City Hall. It has a heritage of 1,100 paintings and classical and contemporary sculpture. The rooms upstairs are exhibited works from Nicolae Grigorescu, Ştefan Luchian, Theodor Pallady, Gh. Petraşcu and Nicolae Tonitza setting out some important moments in the history of each artist. These artists gave Romanian painting personality and founded the national school of modern painting. Also, upstairs, two rooms are devoted to paintings by Rudolf Schweitzer-Cumpăna.

In the museum we find the style in which both landscape and still life are thoroughly represented by Stephen Dimitrescu, Francisc Şirato, Camil Ressu, Dimitrie Gheaţă. The works of Steriadi, Henry Catargi, Vasile Popescu and Iosif Iser are focusing the pictorial expression of a dense mood, filled with emotion. Lucian Grigorescu, Eustaţiu Stoenescu, Nicolae Dărăscu addresses an original attitude in a lucid vision. Corneliu Baba's painting emits a noble sentiment, clean, evoking the idea of the beauty of being human. 

The ground floor rooms are designed for Romanian contemporary art exhibition, present with suggestive images of our fine arts.

Visiting hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 09:00 – 17:00