For VideoGuide confidentiality is very important, therefore we do not release any private information about our clients or our viewers. If you have any questions related to this, do not hesitate to contact us.

Videoguide is a search engine for different locationes and it uses videoclips in order to assist it's viewers in finding the desired locations. VideoGuide does not use a booking agent or a turism agency. We redirect our viewers to our parteners so that they can make the booking. This means that we do not have confidential information about credit cards or any other type of on-line payment.

The only information we collect are those about subscription to the newsletter and the registration forms for our contests which include just the name and e_mail address of the participants. VideoGuide will not use or release this information without your prior approval.

The e_mail addresses will be used for sending ocasional e_mails about VideoGuide's latest news or promotions, so that we can provide best quality services according to your preferences in your search using our site.