The Memorial museum is hosted by the Bohus Castle, built in the neoclassical style, loaded with a rich history. This is where the act of capitulation of the Hungarian revolutionary army was signed, in front of Austrian and Russian generals in 13 august 1849.

Ioan Slavici was born at Siria on the 18th of January 1848. His parents modest house does not exist anymore. A marble plate, placed by the Writers Union to celebrate 25 years from the writers’ death (1950), shows the alley where the home of Savu and Elena Slavici was built. The exhibition dedicated to the writer, contains 4 halls in which his complex personality is evoked through photographs, manuscripts, books and newspapers. The presence of a part of the writer’s workroom has a huge documentary and emotional value. The room was used between 1880 and 1883, when the writer was in Bucharest, hosting Mihai Eminescu.

In 1970, the permanent exhibition, dedicated to the life and activity of composer Emil Montia (1182 – 1965) was arranged. The composer moved to Siria in 1906. His workroom was rebuilt, containing the original furniture, his piano, violin, scores, folklore collections and family photos.

In the castle parc there are the statues of Antonia Bohus, Ioan Slavici, Mihai Eminescu, Ioan Russu Sirianu, Nicolae Stefu and Emil Montia.